Npmcn Dissertation Outline

All Faculties are involved in the writing of Dissertation. This involves the FORMATIVE STAGE which involves developing A RESEARCH PROPOSAL and THE FINAL DISSERTATION. Guidelines are needed for uniformity in the presentations of Research Proposals and Dissertation.
The objective of the Dissertation in the Fellowship Programme is, among others, to give the candidate a chance to study a subject of his choice in reasonable depth. It is essential that the candidate contributes to body of knowledge in subject area of study and where possible break new ground; the research performed to answer a research question(s) or support a hypothesis(es) must be both original and make substantial contributions to the existing body of knowledge, highlighting original contributions. In the process of developing a dissertation, the resident is introduced to the process of carrying out a research project and / or making observations and documenting same in clear well written scientific language (understandable English); made to contribute to solving a health problem.

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List of Dissertations

AuthorTitleYearAbstractSupervisor (s)
KUSHIMO, OLUSOLA T.A Case book of twenty case reports illustrating various aspects of AnaesthesiaMay 1984Click to viewTable
SOTUNMBI, PATIENCE T.A Book of 20 cases involving various aspects of AnaesthesiaNov. 1984Click to viewTable
LAWANI – OSUNDE, ADESUWA S.A Case book of 20 cases Report illustrating various aspects of AnaesthesiaNov. 1988Click to viewTable
AMANOR – BOADU, SIMBO. DA Book of 20 cases illustrating various Aspects of AnaesthesiaMay 1987Click to viewTable
MOSURO, OLUFEMI S.Some Aspects of Anaesthesia, An illustration with Twenty case Reports1988Click to viewTable
BRAIDE, THOMAS D.A book of 20 cases illustrating various Aspects of AnaesthesiaMay 1989Click to viewTable



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