Futility Of War Essay

Life is too short to love but we are busy fighting with each other. It is too short to care but we are busy making things difficult for others. We have got so much to share but our greed has overpowered our benevolent attitude. Why have we become like this? Is it actually our fight? Do we want this?

I believe that it’s not our fight, a common man has never gained anything from such conflicts. According to me, it’s a fight of a few people who want to gain power over the others, those people whose ultimate goal is to acquire control over everything.

However,this want of power has always affected general public who actually have no role in this whole scenario. They are the ones who are forced to leave their homes and are made to go to borders just to fight with the opponent country. What is the fault of these innocent beings who are pushed into such conflicts?

Wars serve no purpose. There is loss of life and property and it benefits neither of the countries involved. The direct consequence is wastage of manpower and resources. In countries where people struggle to earn daily bread and butter, there huge finances are wasted in the production of defence goods like guns, tanks, bombs etc.

People lose their loved ones and all their belongings. Just because of the greed of a few people, thousands of lives are sacrificed. One must have given a thought to whose greed I am talking about! It’s a greed of those people who want to gain power and rule other countries and they are our politicians.

See the irony behind it- Not even a single politician dies in these wars but lives of thousands of innocent people are sacrificed.

It’s after effects are just horrendous and remain for years. Therefore, wars are just pointless and serve no purpose. They never lead to growth and prosperity. Its important to understand that only fellowship, love, sensitivity and tenderness can help creating a harmonious society whereas hatred, greed or war will never lead us anywhere.

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...Wasteland: War and WilfredOwen’s Poetry Poetry, by its definition, is a type of language that unites beauty, the deep sense of the value of life, with truth, the realization and awakening to the meaning of life. Poetry is also a type of language that expresses more and expresses it more intensely than ordinary language. It can also unite the three uses of language: literary, hortatory, and practical. Poetry can be written on a very broad range of subjects. A poet can also write poetry about the beauties of life, but the ugliness of life and horrible experiences human may endure can be subjects, as well. The belief that poetry must rhyme, give a lesson, or only be about the sweet and lovely things in life is a misconception. Wilfred Owen knew of the horrors of war from his firsthand experiences in World War I. Owen’swar poetry has the common and recurring theme of death, destruction, inhumanity, and waste of human life , as three of his most famous warpoems indicate: “Dulce Et Decorum Est,” “Anthem for Doomed Youth,” and “Strange Meeting.” Wilfred Owen, from an early age, had a passion for writing and knew it was what he wanted to do in life. As he grew older, Owen studied at schools whenever the opportunity and finances were available until, that is, the Great War, WWI, had begun....


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