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Social Media Marketing Essay

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Social media marketing

The form of marketing that provides a global-scale interaction between the business and its stakeholders and customers through the virtual networks and communities, is called social media marketing. With the help of social technologies nowadays, the information is spread without boundaries and the content constraints. People want to share and exchange their experience and knowledge online, which marketers see as an outstanding opportunity to build relationships with their consumers and to increase awareness about their businesses to the larger scale. Still there are the opponents who see the considerable disadvantages of this new platform for marketing. These disadvantages are: time-consumption, invasion into…show more content…

Another expert in social media, Sue Ann Kern favors the social media also because creating a page in the networking site, on the contrary, costs nothing and can be available 24/7. Surveys about the time which marketers spend on social media showed that in average it is usually about 6-11 hours per week. However, such an argument disregards the fact that implementing any marketing campaign might be time-consuming, but with social media you do not need to pay for the channel (Kern, 2012). So I believe that even if it may require a period of time to make the brand known and to make the products be in a long-term demand; the social media is a very effective platform for marketing due to its low-cost feature.

Another controversy regarding the marketing through social media is the intrusion to the privacy of its users. In the ways of shaping advertisements and campaigns that include information collected from social networks, the ethic issues might be violated. Rhonda Abrons in her article in 'The Houston Chronicle' mentions that the majority of people experience that marketing intrudes their privacy in the social networks, and that they feel restless about sharing something personal unless being confident in the security level of the site. Subsequently, it can be argued that with the deliberate

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Essay on Marketing With Social Media

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Social Media is any form of Internet communication where users can create online communities, share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (Social). Social media has been one of the fastest growing online segments with 86% of people ages 18-29 using some form of social media in 2011 (Henrikson). The popularity of social media websites is only more impressive when shown the raw facts behind it. More than 600 million people were registered Facebook users at the end of 2010, over 25 billion tweets were sent in 2010, and 2 billion videos are watched per day on Youtube (Royal). Since the creation of the Internet, businesses have used it as an outlet to advertise increasing customers and revenue, but with the creation and…show more content…

However it is not just the sheer amount of people who will see an advertisement on Facebook that makes it successful, advertisements posted on Facebook are engaging. This means that people can “like” an ad and users will instantly be able to see which of their friends “like” that advertisement. Thus with the more “likes” a company has the more people will view their page to see why they are so successful. On websites like Twitter where users can regularly “tweet” a few times an hour, when businesses try and promote themselves, they are expected to do the same, provide new and truthful information throughout the day in order to keep potential customers informed on what is a happening everyday about the company.
The most important thing about advertising with social media today, is for a company to be interest worthy and to do this not only are more companies posting advertisements online, they are doing it in a completely different way. Today companies not only post advertisement banners stretched across the top or sides of a webpage, they post short clips before Youtube videos, dispense viral videos challenging viewers with whether on not it is real or fake, and hold user video contests that allow people to make and submit videos for companies to

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