ScanMyEssay Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of your information very seriously.

ScanMyEssay is a website belonging to All Answers Limited, a UK Registered Company (No. 4964706).

Our privacy policy below explains how we will collect, use, disclose, transfer and store the information you give us. At All Answers Limited we highly value your right to secure data and transparency about what data we collect about you, and why.

The words 'we' and ‘our’ refers to All Answers Limited, unless otherwise indicated.

Collecting your information/data

To use our services, we need to collect a small amount of data about you. We do this in order to:

  • Provide you with access to our services
  • Personalise your experience while using our services
  • Improve our services in the future and make them even better for you and other users

We also use it for business, regulatory and legal purposes, like:

  • Identifying you if you contact us with any requests you make
  • Contacting you if we need to notify you about something, like a change to our policies or issues with a service
  • Ensuring you access the right version of the services we offer for where you are located

Finally, if you give us additional permission, we may use your data for marketing purposes, like:

  • Letting you know of promotional offers relating to our services
  • Letting you know of other services and products offered by All Answers Limited that may be of interest to you

For more information on how we use your information for marketing, see the section below.

We will act in accordance with current legislation and we will maintain a link to our privacy policy, which includes our Data Protection Notice, in a prominent place on our website.

What information do you collect?

In order to receive or use our services, you will be asked to submit personal information about yourself, namely your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Payment details

We only actually collect your name and email address, whilst your payment details are collected and stored by our payment provider, Stripe.

When registering to use our services, you may choose to opt-in to receive our marketing communications if you wish. For further details, see the section below.

We will never ask you to disclose your credit or debit card details over phone, live chat or email for the purpose of paying for a service you have requested from us.

What information do you use?

We will use your personal information for several purposes including the following:

  • to provide you with our services and online content, provide information about them and to deal with your enquiries and requests;
  • to provide you with the most user-friendly online navigation experience;
  • for "service administration" purposes, which means that we may contact you for reasons related to the services you have signed up for, (e.g. to provide you with username or password reminders, to notify you that a particular service has been suspended for maintenance, to notify you of updates to our Privacy and Cookies Policy or Terms of Use, to let you know if your account has become dormant and to ask if you would like to use it again before we close it);
  • we share some personal data with our payment provider, Stripe, to verify your payment;
  • we may also show you relevant advertising;
  • to use IP addresses and device identifiers to identify the location of users, to block disruptive use, to establish the number of visits from different countries, and to determine whether you are accessing the services from the UK or not;
  • for analysis and research purposes so that we may improve the services we offer;
  • we may also use and disclose information in aggregate (so that no individuals are identified) for marketing and strategic development purposes, although we will never share or sell this data to a third party.

What information do you disclose?

We will keep your information internally only except where disclosure is required or permitted by law (for example, to government bodies and law enforcement agencies, including for child protection reasons).

Sometimes we use third parties to process your information on our behalf, for example to provide services or analysis. We require these third parties to comply strictly with our instructions and we require that they do not use your personal information for their own business purposes.

If you post or send content which may reasonably be deemed to be offensive, inappropriate or objectionable anywhere on or to our websites or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on any of our services, we may remove such content.

Where we reasonably believe that you are or may be in breach of any applicable laws, for example on hate speech, we may disclose your personal information to relevant third parties, including to law enforcement agencies or your internet provider. We would only do so in circumstances where such disclosure is permitted under applicable laws, including data protection law.

What information do you transfer?

We may transfer limited amounts of the information you provide for administration, marketing, customer services and profiling your purchasing preferences.

When we collect this information, we will take reasonable measures to ensure that it is transmitted to us securely.

If you communicate with us by email over the Internet, you should be aware that the nature of the Internet is such that unencrypted communication may not be secure and may pass through several different countries en route to us. Please do not email us with confidential or sensitive information such as your credit card details. We cannot accept responsibility for unauthorised access to your information that is outside our control.

What information do you store?

We only store basic information about you. This includes your name, email address, and the last 4 digits of your payment method. We may also store notes relating to your account and the purchases you make. We will also store data you send us for use with our services, namely documents, scan reports, messages, emails and live chat conversations, to serve you better when you contact us in the future.

Can I request to see what information you store about me?

We value your right to access your personal information and stored data at any time. If you would like to see a copy of the information that we hold for you, please email our Data Protection Coordinator at [email protected] with your request. We reserve the right to ask you to provide certain information to help us confirm your identity, and requests can take up to 30 days to be processed.

If you believe that any of the data we hold about you is incorrect or being misused, or you simply want further information, you may contact us at the email address given above.

How long will you keep my data?

We will only keep your data for as is necessary to provide you our services. If you have not used your account in the last three years, we may flag your account for deletion. Before we do so, we’ll notify you by email and give you opportunity to retain your account if you wish.

Can I delete my data?

You can always request to delete your data and account. To request this please email [email protected]

When we delete your account, we will erase any personal information in your account that we have about you and any other data we hold about how you have used our services will be made anonymous. Depending on if you have accessed our services for free or not, we may retain the documents you have sent to us.

Important: by deleting your account you will not be able to gain access to your personal data at a later date.

Informing you about products and services

We offer plagiarism checking software and other educational services and products. When registering to use our software, you have the choice to give your consent to us to contact you by email to let you know about any goods, services or promotions of our own which may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive marketing communications when registering, or change your mind later, you are free to refuse consent whenever you wish.

If you consent to receive marketing communications, we promise we will never send you more than four marketing communications per month and we will always give you the opportunity of opting out of such marketing communications.

How we collect information about your visits to our websites

When you visit our web pages, we may check your IP address to determine your location. This helps us to give you content relevant to where you are located.

We may put something called a ‘cookie’ on your computer. Thousands of reputable websites use cookies and you should not be alarmed by this - they help us track how often you visit the website. They also help us confirm your identity when you log into our website, and they help us determine whether you are logged in or logged out.

Some of our websites use analytics software which records non-personal statistical information about what you do on the website. For example: the duration of time a page was viewed, common paths taken through the site, data on screen settings and other general information. None of this information is person-specific.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are text files that identify your computer (through what is known as an IP address) to our server.

We use cookies to help identify your computer so we can tailor your user experience, and to remember that you are logged in and that your session is secure. You can disable any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may stop our website from functioning properly. To view full details about all the cookies we serve, and opt out of any you do not wish to use, please view our cookie policy.

Users aged 16 years and under

If you are 16 or under, you must have permission from a parent or guardian before you give us personal information. If we find that we have received information from you without the appropriate consent, we reserve the right to cancel all transactions and services and remove all personal data that you have supplied. You will be able to re-submit the information when you have the required permission.

Links to other websites

Our service contains links to other sites outside the group. All Answers Limited is not responsible for the privacy and security of these sites unless they belong to All Answers Limited. This privacy policy applies only to All Answers Limited Websites.

If you are unsure whether a website belongs to All Answers Limited or not, just email our enquiries email address at [email protected]

If you have any more questions about the way we handle data, please contact our Data Protection Coordinator at [email protected]

By using this website and our software, you are agreeing to our privacy policy.

2007 - Viper is born!

Initially developed in 2007, Viper was created to assist in checking for plagiarism and originality in the production of All Answers' custom-written research. The software was designed to check each document created to ensure no plagiarism was present.

2008 - Viper is launched

Following the success of Viper in-house at All Answers, the company realised that students and teachers alike might be interested in checking the originality of their own work. The decision was made to offer Viper to the public, and so the Viper Software was released. Launched as a downloadable program (for Windows only) and completely free, Viper quickly became very popular in the academic community.

2010 – 100,000 Users Reached

This year, we reached 100,000 users registered for Viper.

2011 - Spreading The Word

We visited universities, Freshers’ Fairs and student events to spread the word that Viper was available, for free!

2012 - 500,000 Users Registered

By the end of 2012, half a million users had registered for Viper, with over 2 million scans completed.

2014 - One Million Users!

Just four years after reaching 100,000 users, and 2 years after reaching 500,000 users, we hit our millionth user!

2015 – Five Million Documents Scanned

Viper hit a big milestone this year, reaching a total of 5 million essays, dissertations and assignments scanned.

2016 - Viper Premium Development Begins

Mid-way through 2016, we started work on Viper behind the scenes, with a plan to launch Premium Viper by the 2nd quarter of 2017. Many behind-the-scenes improvements were made, greatly improving scan accuracy and speed.

April 2017 – Happy 10th Birthday!

To coincide with Viper’s 10 year anniversary, Viper was given a massive overhaul. The entire software was revamped, with a clean and modern visual style. No longer a downloadable program, Viper became fully web-based – meaning for the first time ever, users can access the software from anywhere at the world, with complete access to all previous scans..

November 2017 – Viper Premium is launched!

Continuing the development of Viper, we launched Viper Premium, which allows users to pay for superior scan quality, speed, and more. Alongside the launch of Viper Premium, we’ve added many improvements to the scanner to make it even easier to use.


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