Jetblue Airways Starting From Scratch Case Study Analysis Psychology

Jetblue Airways: Starting From Scratch - Case Analysis Essay

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Executive Summary
JetBlue Airways, the latest entrant in the airlines industry has gone through the initial stages (entrepreneurial and collectivity) of the organizational life cycle rapidly under the successful leadership of David Neelman. JetBlue Airways is currently in the formalization stage of the life cycle where in it needs to create procedures and control systems to effectively manage its growth. Also as it proceeds to grow further to reach the elaboration stage, JetBlue needs to continue to align itself with the environment in order to maintain its sustained growth.
JetBlue: Entrepreneurial Stage
David Neelman realized his vision of creating an airlines company that is focused on customer service by starting JetBlue. During…show more content…

JetBlue: Collectivity Stage
Neelman, understanding the next steps in growing the organization, brought together a highly skilled management team to run the company. Neelman providing the necessary strong leadership, along with the talented management team formulated clear operative goals and directions based on his vision. Decisions that were made emphasized the need to provide a better passenger experience such as choosing New York JFK as the home base of the airlines. Customer interaction (external environment) and employee satisfaction (internal) were the important factors in formulating the mission. The Mission statement included Safety, Caring and Integrity that can be attributed to the customers and the mission statement also included fun and passion that can be attributed to the employee satisfaction.
The skill emphasis needed in a service industry such as airlines is mostly interpersonal. Recognizing the need for interpersonal skills, JetBlue designed the employee selection process to make sure the hired crew members fit into the culture and understood the values and mission. Decision making is another important characteristic of the service industry and the crew members were also identified and selected on their decision making capabilities as the customer related decisions are made at the lowest

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